Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is SHS located? Student Health Services (SHS) is located between the Health Sciences Building and Courtyard Apartments, on the north end of campus, in the Brave Health Center. 
  1. What are UNCPs SHS enrollment requirement? There are three requirements: (1) Completing the medical history form (2) submitting immunizations and (3) enrolling or waiving the health insurance.
  1. How do I submit my medical history and immunizations? You can submit your health information and immunizations at the following website All immunizations must be verified through an uploaded document.
  1. Is a skin test or physical required for admission to UNCP?  The PPD skin test is only required for international students.  Physicals are not required for admission to the university, however some programs (athletics, education, etc.) do require physicals for admission. Please refer to those prospective programs for specific requirements needed.
  1. Where can I find my immunization record? You can check with your medical provider, your local health department or your high school for copies of your childhood immunization record.
  1. What happens if I do not meet the immunization requirements? If immunization requirements are not met, dismissal from school is mandatory under North Carolina State Law.
  1. What are your hours? What are the provider hours? During the academic year, Student Health Services will be open Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm.  The medical provider is available for appointments August 1st thru May 31st of each academic school year.
  1. Who is eligible to be seen at SHS? All students who pay the Student Health Fee are eligible, at no cost. However, any lab work, prescriptions, diagnostic services will be billed to your health insurance.
  1. Does SHS provide medical excuses? Yes. Medical excuses for students are provided at the discretion of the SHS medical provider and may be obtained only when the student is seen before the class is missed.
  1. What do I do if SHS is closed? For Emergencies, call 911 or Police & Public Safety @910.521.6235. A nurse triage line is available after hours. @888.267.3675.
  1. Do I need to make an appointment to be seen at SHS? SHS operates just like private doctors’ offices — most patients are seen by appointment.  While we will certainly see urgent problems like asthma attacks, lacerations, acute injuries, allergic reactions, and burns as walk in patients, all routine illnesses and medical issues require an appointment.
  1. Is there a pharmacy on campus? Student Health Services does not have a pharmacy on campus, however there are several pharmacies located on main street of Pembroke. The closest pharmacy to campus is Old Main Pharmacy (located beside Jersey Mikes). The address is 407 West 3rd Street Pembroke, 910-521-5600.
  1. Why does UNCP require health insurance? The UNC Board of Governors approved the implementation of a ‘hard waiver’ Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) on all sixteen 4-year campuses which began fall 2010. The term ‘hard waiver’ means any student meeting specific criteria is required to show evidence of an existing ‘creditable coverage’ health insurance policy OR enroll in the UNC System-Wide Student Health Insurance Plan.
  1. Why do I need health insurance if I pay a Student Health Fee? Visits with a provider at the SHS are covered by the student health fee.  However, there are additional fees associated with laboratory work, medical imaging, medical equipment/supplies, and prescription medications that are not covered by the student health fee.
  1. How do I waive the school insurance? UNCP offers insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield – Student Blue. To Waive/or enroll in this plan visit
  1. Do I need to waive out every year? If you waive out of the insurance plan during the fall semester, you have the option to waive for the entire academic year. However, insurance coverage will be verified every semester. If no waiver is submitted by the deadline, you will automatically purchase the insurance and the charge will remain on your account.
  1. Will my medical records be shared with anyone, including my parents? Your medical records are completely confidential.  Unless you provide written permission, or you are 17 years old or younger, we cannot disclose any information to anyone, including parents, friends or professors.

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