First year freshman students at UNCP are required to reside on campus for their initial academic year. Attendance during MayMester, Summer Sessions, summer program at UNCP or programs at other institutions do not apply toward the fulfillment of this requirement. For purposes of this requirement, a first-year freshman residential student is defined as: any incoming student who will not be 21 years of age prior to August 1st of the initial enrollment year and who is registered for a course load of 9 credit hours or more. A first year freshman who transfers to UNCP during the spring semester with fewer than 12 hours of credit and falling within the age and course load requirements listed above will be considered first year freshmen and subject to this policy. AP College credit or Dual Enrollment credits do not apply toward the fulfillment of this requirement.

Can I be exempted from the freshmen residency requirement?

The first year freshman may request a waiver if the student is 1) married; 2) a parent or guardian with legal custody of children; 3) 21 years of age prior to August 1st; 4) a veteran; or 5) a student with a special need (documentation will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis). A student must complete a “First Year Freshman Authorization to Commute Form” and submit to the Housing Coordinator in the Office of Housing and Residence Life. A student requesting a waiver should submit the form by the deadline of July 31 for students beginning the fall semester and December 15 for students beginning in the spring semester. A copy of the waiver form may be obtained at the forms section of our website.

The review committee will render a decision based in the information provided. The student may appeal to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. The decision of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs is final and conclusive. The only issue to be considered in any appeal at any level is whether or not the individual’s appeal request fits the criteria listed above.

First year freshman students who meet the residency requirement, but do not submit a Housing Agreement or are not approved to be exempt from the requirement will automatically be assigned on-campus housing. The student will be required to pay room and meal charges for the academic year to satisfy the first year freshman residency requirement.

Am I required to live on campus after my freshmen year?

A significant number of continuing students reside on campus throughout their college years. Besides adequate suite style halls, the university manages 2 apartment complexes. In addition to the adequate housing, a continuing student resides on campus for the following reasons:

Living on campus is often more economical than living off campus. There is no worry about monthly bills—students pay only once a semester!

Services such as high-speed internet, cable, water, and electricity are included in this total cost

According to research, on-campus students do better academically than their peers who live off-campus

Nationally, as well as at UNCP, students who live on-campus persist in school and have a higher graduation rate than those who do not

On-campus students find it easier to take advantage of academic assistance services and also get increased motivation by working alongside their peers

Caring, trained, and professional staff provide resources, support, and programming to enhance the student’s experience at UNCP

Who can reside on campus?

Campus housing is available for students enrolled during the semester. A student must be enrolled for 6 semester hours or more for undergraduate students and three semester hours for graduate students. The university does not provide family housing.

How do I apply for campus housing and when is the housing deposit due?

A Housing Agreement/Application and housing deposit must be completed by all students entering UNCP who request to reside on campus. The application and deposit must be on file before a room assignment can be processed.

A new applicant must activate their Bravemail account before applying for campus housing. Once this process is completed, the applicant can apply for housing by filling out our online application. Before completing the application, you will be prompted to pay with a credit or debit card.

If a student cannot pay on-line by credit or debit card, you can contact the office and have an application mailed to you or come to the office to complete the application and pay with check, money order or cash.

How much is the housing deposit and will that amount goes towards my student account?

The housing deposit is $150. This deposit is held until the student no longer resides on campus.

How can I request a roommate?

There is a section on the application to include the name of a roommate. Both students must request each other and have the application and deposit submitted. It may not be possible to grant roommate requests received after June 1.

Can I apply for a single room as a freshman?

Returning students make their room selection for the next academic year prior to new applicants being assigned. Generally, single rooms are not available after the returning students make their selections. Freshmen requests are based on availability. There is a section on the application to include the name of a roommate. Both students must request each other and have the application and deposit submitted. It may not be possible to grant roommate requests received after June 1.

Can freshmen live in the campus apartments?

At Courtyard Apartments, freshmen may be assigned if they are requesting to be assigned with a family member (UNCP does not provide housing to family members who are not enrolled at UNCP). Also, there is limited freshmen availability at the Village Apartments.

How are housing assignments made?

New applicants’ assignments are made by an electronic matching system based on the date the application and deposit are received. Students can request a specific roommate of the same gender. While consideration is given to roommate preference request, it may not be possible to grant requests received after June 1. The housing assignment information will be sent the first week of July. Students who apply after the first of July should receive their assignment within two weeks the application and deposit were received.

Continuing students select their assignment by access to Odyssey HMS through Braveweb during the spring semester prior to the new academic year.

When will I be notified who my roommate is and of my assignment?

The housing assignment information will be sent the first week of July. The email will include the name of the residential community and room number, roommate’s name and contact information so roommates can contact each other to begin discussing what each is bringing. Currently, the electronic matching system does not include the suitemates’ name and contact information. A student applying after the initial assignment information has been sent should receive their assignment information within two weeks.

Continuing students receive a system generated email on completion of their selection through Odyssey HMS.

How do I set up my BraveMail Account?

BraveMail is UNCP’s email system for students. It is syndicated through Microsoft. It can be accessed through BraveWeb from the University’s website. Unlike the rest of the University’s electronic services, it does need to be set up separate from your University-issued username/password.

For instructions to set up BraveMail, go to braveweb.uncp.edu and log onto BraveWeb. If you have questions, contact Division of Information Technology at 910.521.6260 or email at helpdesk@uncp.edu. The help desk is located in the D.F. Lowry Building, Room 110.

When do I move in to my assigned room?

For information relating to move-in, visit the Move-in and Closing Information link on our website.

Members of athletic teams, marching band and other student leaders will be notified of their early return date and key distribution location by their coach or director.

How can I change my assignment?

The assignment is final until the beginning of the semester. There is a grace period at the beginning of the semester before a room change will be made. This is to allow time for roommates to make a good faith effort to resolve differences and for the university to assess housing needs.

The room change period takes place once housing records are complete and all students who wish to live on campus have been assigned. This usually occurs within the first two weeks of each semester. Changes to room assignments and/or roommate will be granted if space is available. The room change is based on first come-first served basis; therefore, there is no waiting list.

Students desiring to change rooms/roommates after the room change period has ended must meet with their respective Community Director and participate in a mediation process. Any student who changes rooms without prior approval will be imposed a $25 fee.

What is the length of the housing agreement?

Applicants should understand the agreement is for the academic year. For new applicants, cancellation of the agreement must be received prior to July 31. For continuing students, cancellation of the agreement must be received prior to May 31.

How can I get assigned to an alcohol-free environment?

The university’s alcohol policy permits students of legal age to possess or consume alcohol only within the confines of their residence hall room and apartment unit. There are many reasons an individual may choose to reside in an alcohol-free environment. These reasons range from personal lifestyle preference, cultural or religious beliefs, and/or desires related to recovery from personal or family abuse problems. One roommate’s reason for choosing an alcohol-free environment may be very similar or different from the others’. Assignments in alcohol-free environments are available on a first-come, first-served basis at the following locations:  North Hall, second, third and fourth floors; Belk Hall, third and fourth floors; and Pine Hall, first floor.  Residents are required to sign a pledge to refrain from possession and use of alcohol on the alcohol-free floor.

Access to Residential Buildings

Access to residence halls is governed by a computerized twenty-four, seven day/week electronic control system. Card readers, which are located outside the entrance, will only recognize and grant access to students that reside in the building via the properly encoded BravesCard. The emergency exits should only be used in the event of an emergency or during building evacuation. Students residing in the Village Apartments and Courtyard Apartments will be issued a key to the entrance door of the unit that will also lock and unlock the door to their bedroom. Bedroom keys within the unit will not work to the other bedrooms.

How safe is on-campus housing?

The department employs 6 full-time, live-in professional staff (Community Directors) and 44 Resident Advisors (RAs). The staff have been selected and trained to work with students in our residential facilities. The RAs live within the student population and are available to provide information and assistance in the transition to on-campus living. In addition to a a full-time, state-certified, professional police force, there are:

Cameras throughout campus

Blue light call boxes

Fire drills conducted in all residential areas

Text alerts (Campus Police website)

Alarmed egress doors in halls

Sirens (example: shelter in place)

What does the university provide in the rooms?

Student rooms are furnished with a twin bed, mattress (80” x 36”), desk, desk chairs, dresser and window blinds. Belk Hall and Cypress Hall are furnished with wardrobes and the other residential communities have built in closets. A window unit is provided in Belk Hall and North Hall with central air in the other communities. Free cable television (click here for additional information), wireless Internet and twin data ports are provided and residents have access to laundry and vending machines. Telephone service is not provided; however, emergency telephone call boxes connecting directly to Campus Police are present on each floor. The university provides the shower curtain in all bathrooms.

For additional information relative to each residential community, visit the residential community link on our website.

What items can I bring?

Each resident may bring a refrigerator which is not to exceed 4.2 cubic feet. One microwave (not to exceed 1200 watts) is permitted per room. Due to electrical demands on the circuitry in North Hall and Belk Hall, microwaves are not permitted in student rooms. A microwave has been installed in the lounge on each floor by the University. At this time, there are no size restrictions for a television.

For additional information visit the Check List for Campus Living on our website.

What items are prohibited?

Electric frying pans, open coiled appliances, gas and electric grills, charcoal grills, oil lamps, electric or kerosene heaters, deep fat cookers, and cooking with or extracting of hot grease are prohibited in the residence hall rooms. In the apartments, use of cooking appliances is permitted in the kitchen area, but must be attended to and monitored when in use.

Are pets allowed in the residence halls and/or apartments?

The student housing setting is not conducive to the presence of animals; therefore, the university prohibits animals with the exception of freshwater fish, service animals and approved emotional support animals. Additional information regarding animals under the American Disability Act and Fair Housing Act protection can be found here.

Aquariums under ten gallons are permitted and are limited to one per room. During extended holiday hours, power may be shut off which could affect heating and lighting in student rooms. Violations of this regulation will result in the resident being cited as a code of conduct violation. The student will be subject for the expenses incurred for the room in violation and the adjoining rooms in the event that the exterminators are contacted. The Animal Control Board will be contacted to remove the animal if a student continues to violate this policy.

How do I receive mail or packages?

The Office of Business Services, located in the Auxiliary Services Building is responsible for UNCP’s Mail Center. Operating hours are from 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday.

Services offered are:

Regular USPS Mail

Express Mail


Courier Mail

Bulk Mail (standard)

United Parcel Service

Federal Express (For UPS and FEDEX links, you must have a tracking number)

Package pickup, stamps purchase, and other postal services are provided at the Mail Center.

How do I apply for a meal plan?

Students that reside in the residence halls are required to purchase a meal plan. The 12 meal plan with bonus money is automatically assigned. The meal plan is optional for students residing in the Village Apartments and Courtyard Apartments. Freshmen in campus apartments are required at a minimum to purchase the 50 Block/$375 flex meal plan.

Residents that wish to increase or decrease the number of meals with a meal plan should log into their BraveWeb. Students may purchase a meal plan by contacting the Cashier’s Office @ 910-521-6855.

Can I have a car on campus as a freshman?

Freshmen are allowed motor vehicles on-campus. Motor vehicles, including two-wheeled motor vehicles, driven or parked on campus must be registered and display a current UNC Pembroke official parking permit. For information on how to obtain a permit and the fees for permits, visit the Parking/Traffic Control link on the Police and Public Safety website.

All parking permits are paid for and picked-up in the campus police department located in the Auxiliary Services Building. The number to the Traffic Office is 910.521.6795.

If I decide not to attend UNCP can I get my housing deposit back?

The University will refund all except $25 of the room deposit to incoming new applicants if written cancellation is received prior to July 31. New applicants beginning in the spring semester requesting to cancel the housing agreement must submit their request prior to November 30.

If a student withdraws from the University after the semester begins but prior to mid-semester, the room deposit is forfeited. If the student officially withdraws after mid-semester, the deposit (less damages and/or any other financial obligation owed UNCP) will be refunded, provided check-out procedures are followed.

What are the steps I would have to take as far as being released from my housing assignment?

An enrolled student may be released from the housing agreement due to:


Withdrawal from the University during the semester

Administrative withdrawal by the university

Not enrolled and not returning to UNCP for spring semester

Enrolled with fewer than 6 semester hours as an undergraduate student

Marriage (certification required)

Parent or guardian with custody of children (documentation required)

Military Activation (DD-214 required)

Participation in an educational program that required living outside the Pembroke area

Residents must complete a Housing Release Request, submit to the main office and obtain approval to be released from the housing agreement.

How much does it cost to live on campus?

Cost including tuition, required fees, housing, parking, meals and payment options can be located on the Bursar’s website.

Does financial aid cover campus housing fees?

Payment for the housing fee can be covered by financial aid. Each student’s financial situation is different from other students. To confirm which fees are covered by financial aid contact your Financial Aid Counselor.

What is a Living & Learning Community (LLC)?

Housing and Residence Life collaborates with other departments to create supportive learning environments within the residential community. Learning communities allow a group of students from the same major or with similar interests to take two to three of the same courses together and live with their classmates within the same residential area. Confirmation of participation is determined by the sponsoring department. If a requested roommate is not a member of the living – learning community, the students will not be assigned together. Currently, we offer the Maynor Honors College Living Learning Community, Leadership Learning Community, and the Global Learning Community.


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