Intramurals Sign-up? Need ID for intramural games? What Intramural League Structure? Weight Room/Cardio? Group X Classes? Getting a Locker? Membership? Sport Club? How do I request a Group X Class for student organizations, athletic teams or departments? 

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Intramurals Sign-ups: How will I be contacted after I sign up my team or as a free agent?

All sign-ups are to be conducted online at You must create an account with a valid email address to receive confirmation of team sign-up and/or free agent sign-up.

  • After you have signed up for a league or tournament by the sign-up deadline, the Intramural staff will have the schedule available within the next few days. The staff will send out an email in which it is the responsibility of the team captain to check the schedule and relay information to their teammates.
  • There is a mandatory captains meeting for all major league sports (flag football, indoor soccer, basketball, and softball.) This is typically during the afternoon hours and held at the Jones PE Building.
  • It is important that both your email address AND phone number are correct. We use this information to contact you when we have reschedules due to conflict or weather conditions. It is imperative that you are responsive to receive appropriate information concerning play.

Do participants sign up as a team or an individual?

  • Answer this question first: “Do I have a whole team or am I looking to join a team?”
  • Whole Team Answer- Sign up your team in the league and division (if applicable) on You need to have all of your team members create an account, if they have never played IM’s before. During this time, they can request to be on your team or you can add them, all your team members just need to know the team name. As the team captain, you will have to accept their request in order for their name to show on the roster.

Looking to Join Team (FREE AGENT) – If you are having trouble finding enough players to create a team, you may sign up as a free agent. We cannot guarantee that you will be placed on a team but we will do the best to get you placed onto a team. <Return to Top of Page>

Do I need to bring my ID to each intramural game?

  • Yes. No ID, No Play, No Exceptions. Have to bring it every single time.

What is the Intramural League Structure?

  • IM league sports will play 4-5 regular season games (depending on the sport). Usually 1 game per week. You must win 1 game and not forfeit in order to be placed into the single-elimination playoffs. Each league start date will vary through the semester.

  • All tournaments will be guaranteed 2 games within a double-elimination bracket. The more you win, the more games you get to play.
  • We keep our leagues short in order to offer a variety of sports/activities.

Weight Room/Cardio – Why can’t we take equipment out of the weight room?

  • There are several reasons for this: First, keeping everything in one place helps us keep track of our equipment and decrease the chance of theft. Second, the weight room is designed to handle more wear and tear than other parts of the building, where use of heavy weights may cause damage. Finally, keeping the equipment in the weight room allows for staff supervision to help ensure the safety of our patrons.

Weight Room/Cardio – Why do I have to wear closed-toe athletic shoes?

  • Closed-toe shoes are required to protect the users’ feet from equipment that may be dropped (dumbbells, weight plates). Boots and heels can damage the equipment and weight room flooring and are not designed for use during exercise. <Return to Top of Page>

Group X class: Do I have to have experience to take a class?

  • Absolutely not! Instructors are able and prepared to offer modifications for all levels. Beginners and advanced participants should be able to enjoy any class on the schedule.

How can I get a locker?

  • Please visit the PE Equipment Check-Out Office and speak with Larry Gales about filling out the proper paper work. Or contact Tony Chavis at 910-521-6808.

Can people not affiliated with UNCP Purchase a Membership? 

  • Memberships allow Alumni and Community Members access to the following facilities in the Jones Center: Aquatics, Auxiliary Gym, Campbell Wellness Center, Racquetball Courts, Disc Golf Course, and Locker Rooms with associated amenities.How to acquire a membership: Individual can pay the Bursar’s Office and then represent receipt to Brave Card Office, to receive a Brave Card.Note: Family and individuals (under the age of 16) will need to see Tony Chavis before paying Bursar’s Office.Click for Membership and fees

What level of commitment is expected from being in a sport club? How much does it cost?

  • Each club is a little bit different, but most clubs typically practice twice or more per week, and competes on weekends in the fall and spring. Club dues are needed to cover the costs of travel, event entry fees, etc. The individual club sport leaders determine the dues prior to the season and may even find fundraising opportunities to off-set the cost. 

 How do I request a Group X Classes for student organization, athletics or department? 

  1. There will be no charge for a “One Time Class” Demonstration
  2. Multiple classes will be charged to the “requesting” department’s budget
  3. The instructor has the right of refusal

To request a class, please call Campus Recreation at 910.775.4572. <Return to Top of Page>


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