Patient Portal

Congratulations on your admission to the University of North Carolina at Pembroke! To help facilitate your admission process, please complete this mandatory health form online carefully and submit it through your patient portal prior to your Student Orientation date.

You can access the patient portal online at Once you are here, follow the instructions for registering for a new account. You will need your student ID (banner ID), Name, school email and DOB to register.

Note that acceptable immunization records must be signed by a physician or have a clinic stamp and contain the printed name and address of the provider. All immunizations must be verified through an uploaded document of your choice. Acceptable copies of immunization records are high school records, medical records, military records or any form of immunization records with your name and DOB.

North Carolina General Statue 130A-152-157 establishes guidelines for the required immunizations necessary for admission to UNC Pembroke. If these requirements are not met within thirty (30) calendar days after classes begin, the University must, by law, withdraw the student from enrollment.  This law applies to all students except the following:  students registered only in off-campus courses; students attending night or weekend classes only; and students taking a course load of (4) credit hours or fewer and residing off campus.  Exemptions for medical reasons must be signed by a physician.  Exemptions for religious reasons must be documented by a written statement of a bona fide religious belief and opposition to the immunization requirements.

We want your admission’s experience at UNC Pembroke to be as trouble free as possible and hope that the information provided will assist you with this process. After reviewing the information, if you have any questions, please contact Student Health Services at 910-521-6219. We are here for you if and when you have questions—UNC Pembroke is the place where learning gets personal!


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