Things to Know

Microwaves: Not permitted in Belk Hall and North Hall due to electrical demands on the circuitry. A microwave has been installed on each floor of these buildings for residents’ use.

Appliances: Electric frying pans, open coiled appliances, gas and electric grills, charcoal grills, oil lamps, electric or kerosene heaters, deep fat cookers, and cooking with or extracting of hot grease are prohibited in the residence hall rooms. In the apartments, use of cooking appliances is permitted in the kitchen area, but must be attended to and monitored when in use.

Permitted items include: hot pots, crock pots, hot plates, coffee makers, tea makers. Items such as irons, hair dryers, curling irons, hair straighteners, electric curlers should not be left unattended when in use. Microwaves in student rooms and in common areas must be attended to and monitored when in use.

Refrigerators: One per resident permitted, not to exceed 4.2 cubic feet

Air Conditioners: Window units are in student rooms of Belk Hall and North Hall. Pine Hall, Cypress Hall, Oak Hall, Village Apartments, and Courtyard Apartments have central air conditioning. The cost is included in the room fee.

Cable: Basic cable is provided at no additional monthly fee.

Telephone: Local service is provided at Village Apartments at no additional monthley fee. One private telephone line per student room is provided and additional lines are not available. Students must provide their own telephone.

Internet: Wireless internet is available in all residential communities and one network connection per bed. There are a number of computer labs available throughout the campus. The telephone number at University Computing and Informational Services is 910.521.6260.

Pets: The student housing setting is not conducive to the presence of animals; therefore, the university prohibits pets (including guest and visitor pets) with the exception of freshwater fish and approved service animals. Aquariums under ten gallons are permitted and are limited to one per room. During extended holiday hours, power may be shut off which could affect heating and lighting in the student rooms.

Laundry facilities: Washers with dryers are available in all on-campus housing. They are coin operated or the Bravescard may be used. A washer & dryer is provided in each unit at the Courtyard Apartments at no cost. 

The halls remain open during breaks except for the end of fall semester.  Village Apartment and Courtyard Apartment residents, registered for spring semester, may stay during the fall semester closing.  For safety considerations, apartment residents staying should notify the staff.  Minimal services are available during the break.  Students residing in the same room from fall semester to spring semester are not required to remove belongings from their room except as a personal security precaution.

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