Cypress Hall is a five story, 476 bed, smoke-free, co-ed hall offering 119 four person suites of two designs. One design includes 94 suites featuring two double-occupancy bedrooms while the other design includes 25 suites featuring four single-occupancy bedrooms. In each suite, there is a shared common area and a shared bathroom. Residents are expected to maintain a clean common area and bathroom and provide the cleaning supplies and toiletries needed for their suite.

Same gender suites are located throughout each floor of the residence hall. Cypress Hall houses the Leadership Learning Community.

Wireless internet is available and the hall is fully wired for the internet and cable television. Telephone service is not provided in student suites; however, emergency telephones linked to Campus Police are provided on each floor. A computer lab, a kitchenette, a lounge with a large screen television, study lounges on each floor, and a laundry and vending area are outstanding features of this residence hall. Security features include a card access system for entrance into the building for currently assigned residents and their accompanied guests.Visitation for Cypress Residence Hall is open visitation. Open visitation implies that restrictions are determined by roommates and suite mates according to each others’ rights and needs. Respect for the wishes and well-being of one’s roommate(s) is more important than someone’s desire to have guests. Students residing in Cypress Hall are expected to view their academic responsibilities as their primary goal; therefore, studying takes preference over socializing in student residences. The guidelines for visitation are grounded in the academic schedule and are designed to balance a student’s responsibilities with individual and group needs.

All rooms are furnished with twin beds (80″ x 36″ mattresses), desks, desk chairs, wardrobes, dressers, and blinds. The common areas in the suites are furnished with a sofa, lounge chair, and lamp table.  Students are encouraged to bring accessories to personalize their room. Additionally, residence hall rooms have cable TV (click here for additional information), data connectivity and wireless Internet, laundry and vending room access, access to 24-hour per day campus police coverage, and trained professional residence staff ready to assist residents. Cypress Hall is equipped with central heating and air conditioning.

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