Policies and Procedures

Smoking Policy PS 04 96 (Revised July 1, 2008)

Policy Statement
The University of North Carolina at Pembroke (UNCP) is dedicated to maintaining a healthy work and learning environment. UNCP values individual rights and the well being of all its faculty, staff, and students. On occasion a conflict arises between personal rights and community interests. Smoking is such an issue of contention.

North Carolina law enacted July 01, 2007 allows universities to regulate smoking at properties owned or leased by a state university. A majority of buildings on UNCP’s campus have been smoke free for several years. This policy will now expand to include State owned vehicles (including all golf carts, gators, etc.), all State owned buildings and their 100 foot perimeter as part of UNCP’s non-smoking policy. Legislation pertaining to this policy may be found at:

Smoking receptacles are being removed from building entrances and will be relocated wherever possible outside the 100 foot perimeter.

For the purposes of this policy, smoking is defined as burning any type of tobacco products including, but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, pipes, and bidis.

The sale or free distribution of tobacco products on campus is prohibited.

Tobacco advertisements are prohibited in college-run publications and on grounds or facilities, including athletic facilities, owned or operated by University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

This policy applies to all University visitors, students, and employees, including faculty, EPA non-faculty, staff and student employees. It is the responsibility of every member of the University community to conduct himself or herself in compliance with this policy.

The university will post non-smoking signs at each building entrance. A map is available at the Facilities Management website (www.uncp.edu/fm/news/smoking_map.pdf) showing areas where smoking is prohibited on campus as well as designated smoking areas.

Smoking must not occur within the non-smoking areas designated above. All smoking materials must be disposed of in the appropriate receptacles.

Students who violate the policy should be reminded of the policy and asked to comply by putting out the lighted tobacco product. If the visitor or student refuses to comply with the policy, the Judicial Affairs Officer should be contacted. That office will follow up with the student regarding the policy and available resources. Failure to comply with this policy when directed to do so by a University official is an additional violation of the conduct rules applicable to students.

Any University employee who violates the no smoking policy should be reminded of the policy and asked to comply by putting out the lighted tobacco product. If an employee refuses to comply with the policy, the departmental representative will notify the immediate supervisor of the noncompliant employee. The immediate supervisor will follow-up with the employee to remind him/her about the policy and available resources. Multiple violations may also result in corrective action under the disciplinary policy.

Department/Unit Procedures
All University departments and work units will establish procedures that include identification of the employee(s) responsible for understanding the policy, being able to educate visitors, students, employees and vendors, and assisting in enforcement, as needed. The Office of Human Resources can assist departments in developing their procedures.

The University, under the auspices of the Counseling and Testing Center, stands ready to provide smoking cessation classes for students who wish to avail themselves of such sessions. You can access further information regarding this from the websites below:

Effective Date
Effective July 1, 2008, smoking will be prohibited in and within 100 feet of all buildings on campus.


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