The University of North Carolina at Pembroke Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) is dedicated to the protection of human life and our campus environment. EH&S acknowledges the close relationship between the environment, work, and human health and safety. We are committed to preventing the loss of human potential caused by fatalities, injuries, illness, and disabilities on the job and in the campus community.

EH&S is also aware of the critical importance of the campus environment, protection of our buildings and maintance of a safe and healthy campus environment, which is esential for productivity and excellence. We provide many direct services to our faculty, staff, and students and offer an array of training courses and related services.

EH&S invites you to explore our Web site. You can access many of our resources, documents, and services, view course offerings, get contact information for our staff, and much more! We will continually strive to upgrade the site and make it more and more useful to you. If you have any recommendations, please do not hesitate to contact the EH&S staff. Have a safe day!


  • Environmental Health and Safety: 910.521.6792
  • Campus Police: 910.521.6235
  • Student Health Services: 910.521.6219
  • Pembroke Town Police: 910.521.4333

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