How you can help


  • Initiate conversations on career plans
  • Listen, respond, and ask questions
  • Provide non-judgmental listening and honest feedback
  • See the situation from your student’s perspective
  • Encourage your student to be true to self, values, interests, and talents
  • Help your student clarify ideas, priorities, and concerns
  • Give feedback on specific abilities you see in your student to help develop a solid sense of self
  • Help to develop independent decision-making skills and increase motivation

Be a Networking Resource

  • Help your student develop contacts for information, advice, and assistance in career planning and job search
  • Refer your student to colleagues, friends, neighbors, parishioners, family, and community members with experience related to his or her interests
  • Offer encouragement to approach people and ask for this kind of information themselves


  • Encourage your son or daughter to avoid procrastination and begin the career planning process early (first semester of freshman year)
  • Encourage your son or daughter to take advantage of all resources available to them provided by Career Services

Source: Harris, Marcia B. and Jones, Sharon L. The Parent’s Crash Course in Career Planning


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